Western Winds

Western Winds (working title) is a short film about Slawek, a homeless man who is building a boat on the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland.  I shot this film in 2010, and edited a rough cut, but feel strongly that there would be a lot gained from a follow-up visit.  In the Spring, 2014 I plan to go back to find Slawek, and see how he and his boat project are doing.  The film is a portrait of an aging shipbuilder, whose life parallels the political and social transformation of Poland throughout the past 30 years.  The Polish solidarity movement, which sparked revolutions across the former Eastern Bloc, has its roots in the Gdansk shipyards where Slawek worked alongside Lech Walesa, the former trade-union organizer who eventually became president of a democratic Poland after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.  While some Polish citizens and businesses have enjoyed prosperity under a new western democratic order, many working class Poles, like Slawek, have found it increasingly difficult to remain employed.  You can see a clip on my reel page here.

boat still1

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