Radio Takeover is the story of unique voices on the radio dial and the community effects of FCC enforcement and media consolidation. The San Francisco Liberation Radio collective was a low power community station broadcasting without a license for over a decade.  It was a thriving grassroots forum for music and alternative political viewpoints.  Although SFLR had applied for a license twice, in October, 2003 the Federal Communications Commission raided the station and seized their equipment. The FCC has prohibited them from further broadcasts and threatened them with large fines and possible seizure of the house SFLR was broadcasting from. Lawyers from the National Lawyers’ Guild and the Center for Democratic Communication filed a claim with SFLR against the FCC, challenging the constitutionality of the siezure of radio equipment.

Directed, shot and edited by Serena Down and Mike Seely (credits)

10 minutes, DV

Jerry Jensen Award for Broadcast Journalism, 2004
Jury Award, Marin County Film Festival 2004
Runner-Up Audience Award for Best Short, San   Francisco Documentary Film Festival 2004

Official Selection, Seattle International Film Festival, 2005

Golden Gate Award nominee, San Francisco International Film Festival, 2005