The Most Distant Places

The story of an innovative mobile hospital and rural health care project developed by the visionary Dr. Edgar Rodas as a way to alleviate health disparities for impoverished people in his native Ecuador.



Radio Grito

In the tradition of Cesar Chavez and farm labor organizing, Radio Grito is a small Spanish language radio show for migrant workers and their families in California’s San Joaquin valley. The film illustrates the empowerment, independence, and education that a grassroots radio project can provide for a community in need.



Radio Takeover

The story of the FCC raid of San Francisco Liberation Radio – an unlicensed community radio station. This documentary is just one example of what happens to unique voices on the radio dial with increased media consolidation and regulation.



Nature’s Blueprints

Nature’s Blueprints takes you on a trip to the edges of architect Eugene Tsui’s imagination as he plumbs the depths of nature’s wisdom, seeking inspiration for his eccentric architectural designs.



Hush is about listening to our environments. The film features nature sounds recordist Paul Matzner, the founder of the Nature Sounds Society in Oakland. With Matzner as our guide, Hush explores our auditory worlds by contrasting images and sounds in nature with everyday noises and urban surroundings.